Fort G is the latest piece by Gehring and Ketelaars. It had it’s premier last March, and will be shown at the Theaterfestival, one of Hollands most important theatre festivals. It will have it’s Londen premier at the Battersea Arts Centre on the 17th of October.

It started raining. Hour after hour it is pouring from the sky. I don’t think our Fort can withstand so much water

Along the cost there’s a house. Teddy and Ka, sisters, have lived there as long as the can remember. They know each piece of sandgrain, the creaking of the flour, the hairs on each others bodies. Their days pass in a similar pattern.
When their father dies, everything starts to move.
Brings death them closer together? Or does it float them apart, as two tectonic plates? Is their home – built by their great-great-great-grandfather, the only place they have never left – still the safest place on earth?

Fort G is a performance with live music by Teresa Campos and directed by Marjolein Frijling.


Gehring & Ketelaars is an Amsterdam based company. It’s formed by the two actresses Anne Gehring and Vera Ketelaars.
The company always tries to balance on the thin line between fiction and non-fiction.

In 2011 Gehring & Ketelaars won the Amsterdam Fringe Festival with Kelder | bye bye world. The performance was about two women who were longing to disappear from their everyday lifes. With a good portion of humor, Dutch down-to-earthiness, and the toughness of Thelma and Louise the performers reconstructed the upheaval in the lifes of these two completely different women.

Kelder | bye bye world was invited to perform in Perth (nomination theatre award), Prague (nomination creative award) and the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown. The dutch embassy brought the performance to Edinburgh and London (Battersea Arts Theatre).

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